Unlocking Value

In our quest for Investments with the best risk-reward characteristics, we have realised that there are a number of opportunities, especially in the small and midcap segment, where value is not apparent and remains unrealised owing to some specific reason. We distinguish ourselves with our in-depth research that helps us to identify deep value investments, not merely based on what is apparent today, but also based on the potential the company has to transform itself with simple actions that would lead to better price discovery and value unlocking. In such cases, we play an active role, advising and encouraging our investee companies to optimise their capital structure and capital allocation, improve their corporate governance, enhance shareholder disclosures and strengthen investor relations. We call this positive activism.

Should you wish to hear about our successes in unlocking value through positive activism, and the managements’ feedback on our advice, write to us at admin@florintree.com.